The wonders of kefir

Kefir Grains


The so called kefir grains is consider to be a potent alternative medicine diet that found in Caucasus. Many years have pass, it’s already being accepted all over the world as a fermented drink that is better than milk and better than yogurt!

Here are some of the benefits of drinking kefir:

  • Weight Loss
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Friendly Lactose Intolerance
  • Helpful for diabetic ~ normally they drink water kefir for it.
  • Etc

The only problem in kefir is that, scientist still haven’t found  time to research about this thing! They only know that it has probiotics that is better than yogurt!

To get a live time supply of kefir drink, I would recommend you to buy a kefir starter or kefir grains. It’s normally available in health shop or you can purchase it online ~, I’m not related to the site but I found good reviews in it that’s why I’m sharing it.

There are many countries that are already starting to take kefir everyday replacing milk. Kefir can also be use as sauce, recipe and etc! Kefir does taste like yogurt and it was know to be a miracle food.

Despite how kefir is being under promoted to the world, many expert such as nutritionist, dermatologist and etc are secretly using it for diet, curing disease and skin care! I’ve personally tried kefir and using it for cooking. You may try searching in this more about my kefir recipe.

The Legalities Behind Kratom

The kratom tree is a potent medicinal plant that thrives in Southeast Asia. Through the years, it has been widely accepted as an aphrodisiac, weight-loss drink, energy booster, and medicine against diarrhea, depression and hypertension. Some also argue that it helps diabetic patients control sugar levels in their blood. There is only one problem with kratom, a.k.a. Mitragyna Speciosa: its effects are very similar to those of opium and morphine, thus considered by many as a drug.

One could get kratom easily, especially in countries where the distribution and consumption of the herbal medicine is accepted. It is available in local drugstores and pharmacies, and even online. It can be packaged as capsules, resins, extracts, etc. If you do not feel like to order it over the counter, you could get kratom online or by phone. However, it could be hard to tell whether or not you have bought a quality kratom, as some providers stockpile their products. When kratom is stored for some time, the freshness would be affected and may become less effective.

kratom legalities

In countries that include Thailand (from which the herb originated), Australia, Finland, Vietnam, Denmark, and Poland, the use of kratom is strictly regulated primarily for its drug-like contents. The leaves contain chemicals and alkaloids (e.g. mitragyne, mitraphylline, 7-hydroxymitragynine) that induce feelings of intoxication, stimulation and depression; precisely what opium does to its subjects.

The use of kratom was prohibited in Thailand as early as 1943. Kratom Act 2486 prohibits not only the use and sale of kratom but also the planting of the tree. Enforcing this law, however, is easier said than done since kratom tree naturally grows in the country. In 1979, Thailand’s Narcotics Acts declared kratom as a drug belonging to the same category as cannabis and magic mushroom.

In the United States, the federal government regulates the use of the herb, although kratom is widely marketed in the country online. It is also typically sold in tobacco shops.

Despite these prohibitions and studies, however, there are no reports of users becoming addicted to the herb, although dependence is most likely to happen. It is advised that users avoid over-dosage, as is the case with all other medicines. A kratom overdose has been reported to cause hallucination, delusion, tremors, restlessness, and coordination problems. Prolonged use, on the other hand, leads to aggression, constipation and nervousness.