Vegetarian Diet: The Way to Go?

vegetarian dietThe common misconception about a vegetarian diet is that there is only one kind of it—nothing but vegetables all day long, 24/7. But in reality, there is a lot more diversity to the lifestyle than we give it credit for. While yes, vegetables are a main component in this diet, it is more than that; roughage is not the end all and be all of this regimen.

A vegan is someone who cuts off food with all kinds of associations with meat. A vegan will only eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains, as well as legumes. Some hardcore vegans may also restrict her/himself from drinking milk, eating cheese, wearing leather—basically boycott anything that has to do with killing animals.

A lactovegetarian, on the other hand, has no problem consuming dairy products with his daily vegetable servings. In my mind, this is a good thing as this affords you more dessert choices like ice cream and cheesecake. Of course, when you turn to a vegetarian diet, the principles come first before the dessert menu.

Ovo-lactovegetarians (or lacto-ovovegetarians) add eggs into the mix. And more than that, semi vegetarians eat poultry and fish, though in my opinion, the last one isn’t exactly vegetarian at all. To me, that just sounds like a person whose stomach doesn’t agree with red meat.

Anyway, people take on the vegetarian diet for different reasons. For example, in some religions, being a vegetarian is just a given—it coincides with their principles of respecting the life force of all living, breathing beings. In the same way, other people choose to follow a vegetarian diet in order to advocate animal rights.

It could be entirely possible though, that a person will go the vegetarian route simply because s/he feels that it is a healthier path. Obviously, employing a vegetarian diet implies some sort of healthier alternative. In some ways, a vegetarian diet is better in that studies have shown rare occurrences of heart attack, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

There are a few drawbacks to following this kind of lifestyle, though. For example, as one has a limited choice of ingredients, it is highly possible that some nutrients fall by the wayside. It is important that a meal still be well-balanced even at such a restrictive circumstance.

vegetarian dietPerhaps the most deficient of the necessary nutrients in the vegetarian diet is protein—after all, protein usually comes from meat or eggs. But that doesn’t mean vegetarians are doomed to be forever protein-deficient, without the capacity to build muscle. There are excellent sources of protein that are also vegetarian friendly; an example of this is tofu.

The trick is to keep the caloric level high (protein-wise) as the absence of meat will balance out the calories. The idea is to plan one’s meals well enough so that no essential nutrients are forgotten. Extensive research can help in this endeavour.

So if you find yourself drawn to a vegetarian diet for whatever reason, explore all of the possibilities in which you can create a menu that will fit your needs. Given today’s vegetarian options in terms of recipes and spices, there really aren’t many things that one will miss out on. It’s all a matter of committing to this particular lifestyle.

Choosing Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is often misrepresented as an alternative to conventional medicine but it’s more than that. But before we delve into it, I should primarily say that while alternative medicine is well and good, it is still best to seek the help of professionals before deciding a course of action. After all, it does not do well to jump the gun when it comes to these matters. Anyway, let’s get started.

holistic therapy

An illness is usually a manifestation of something wrong with the body—a signal for you to stop and check the engine. In fact, sometimes the signal can be so aggressively blatant that you have no choice but to go to a medical practitioner. However, there are times when the problem needs more than just a quick fix.

This is where holistic therapy comes in. Holistic therapy is more than just a substitute for conventional medicine—it’s a lifestyle choice. It looks at the imbalances in a person’s life and attempts to fix the discrepancy.

Manifested discomfort can come from all aspects of a person’s being, be it physical, emotional, or psychological. But holistic therapy is not just a onetime fix, it is a course of living designed to make a person become as whole as possible. It is more than just the perceptible health of the person at the moment.

Holistic therapy is about finding a balance in one’s life. It is about the belief that getting better is about living healthier, strengthening relationships, and ultimately being centred. To put it in easier terms—it is about finding whole-ness.

Holistic advocates assert that when you find a whole-ness within yourself, you become more connected to the world. They also say that once you find the whole-ness, you begin to attract your personal desires and send good vibes to the world. In short, a load of good will happen once you find that holistic therapy is for you.

Now, when shopping around for a holistic healer, it’s important that you find out if the healer has a specialty and if the specialty meshes with your needs. A healer would look at your overall needs and asses where your imbalances are. After all, holistic therapy is about finding a balance.

holistic therapyHow do you find the healer for you? I guess it all depends on what your needs are. For example, if you feel better knowing that you are not only working on your spiritual aspects but also on your health, and would feel better with some physical evidence of getting better; maybe you should try a holistic healer who is an expert on acupuncture or herbal remedy.

But it’s vital that one remembers that holistic therapy is not just used as a complementary to conventional medicine. Emphasis should be put on therapy—this is a way of life. All the principles that one learns in therapy should be applied daily and constantly.

In conclusion, if you feel that you are not just in need of significant medical attention, then maybe you should try holistic therapy. In some ways, it could be better as you walk away with a lifestyle overhaul, and if it doesn’t work then it’s not a complete loss as you were just trying to better yourself. Integrating a little bit of whole-ness in your life isn’t that bad.

I got to learn this when I was in Thailand earlier this year. It was an enjoyable stay, that’s for sure. I had a lot of fun, I had wifi and cell service everywhere thanks to TopupTH so that’s why you could see all my posts on Instagram (woot!) and I relaxed and recharged my batteries before I got back to work. It was a worthwhile trip. I’m coming back again this year. It’s worth the 8 hour trip for me.

For the mean time, I need to find more information about holistic therapy locally so that I can avail of it. If not, then I’ll need to wait later this year. Sigh!

What is Herbal Weight Loss?

By now, you’ve probably heard it all—you cannot lose weight without doing work. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that, whether you use medical, natural, alternative ways to lose that extra pound, you can’t ever lose weight just by eating and breathing at the same time. So you’ve probably turned to herbal weight loss in some hopes to find a magic formula.

herbal weight lossSorry, but no dice. There are herbs however that can aid in your quest to be thinner. These can come in a thermogenic way (which speeds up the body’s metabolism) or just plain tricks your brain into thinking you’re already full.

The first thing I need to say though is this—you need to treat herbal medicine the way you treat regular medication. Just because it’s more “natural” and “organic” doesn’t mean you can have your fill of it. Seeking out professional opinion before undertaking an herbal weight loss program is still safer than just popping herbal pills left and right.

Right, now that that’s settled, back to the original topic. Thermogenic herbs contain substances such as caffeine that speed up body function. Some may be a safe alternative to over the counter weight loss drugs, while others work as a diuretic which helps in reducing water weight.

Regarding those that help you lose water weight, the effects of these herbs ebb quickly. As soon as you stop taking them, the weight does not creep back in so much as it launches a full on tackle. This is one reason why it’s smart to employ the opinion of your doctor before undertaking any weight loss supplement.

Another reason is so you can avoid very dangerous herbal substances. For instance, herbal laxatives are hugely disregarded as a weight loss supplement as they cause cramping and diarrhoea when taken in large doses. If overused, this also causes you to have difficulty evacuating your bowels without any stimulant help.

Ephedra is another drug that one should be wary of as it over-stimulates the nervous system. Researches show over 800 side effects of using this substance including heart attack, stroke, chest pain, and palpitations. This herbal weight loss supplement has been officially tied in with 2 deaths.

herbal weight lossIn addition it is the main ingredient in a diet drug known as fen-fen. A drug which has been in the limelight and taken out of the shelves because of its history of misuse resulting in death. This should make you think twice about using herbs as a main form of weight loss.

Of course, there are still some “natural” products which you could avail of to help in the pursuit of weight loss. Green tea, for example, works just like coffee but contains added vitamin C as well as healthy antibodies. Nature always has something good in store for those who are willing to look for it.

The herbal weight loss route is one that is worth looking into. But as I said in the beginning, include your doctor in all of your dietary plans to make sure you are doing it the healthy way. You’re not doing yourself a favour if you do get thin but feel awful in the process.

Benefits of Herbal Nutrition

herbal nutritionThese days, the terms “holistic” and “all-natural” are such hot commodities as everyone is forever raving about the benefits of herbal nutrition as opposed to the smorgasbord of chemicals that one can expose himself to. The truth is, just like medical remedies, herbal medicine has both good and bad effects on the body. Even more so on the aging body.

While no one is certainly saying that one side is better than the other, it would be only fair to weigh the consequences of each side. The problem is that when we think of all-natural substances like herbs and whatnot, we tend to think that they have no off-putting effects but this cannot be further from the truth. Herbal nutrients and medication is, like most things, a two faceted affiliation.

For example, Echinacea is said to boost the immune system to common colds and flu and helping with the overall healing process. But what most people neglect to say is that it can also cause inflammation of the liver if used in some circumstances (for example, with other anaerobic steroids). How scary that herbal nutrition can sometimes backfire.

Gingko is well known for its uses in helping with memory problems as well as blood circulation with regards to oxygenization. But to take this particular herb with other anti-clotting agents can cause an increase in bleeding. This is a horrifying result that can easily be remedied by research before consumption of this particular herbal treatment.

Goldenseal sounds really, really nice and it is nice for reducing inflammation and is sometimes used as a mild laxative. The downside, though, is that it may increase the risk for high blood pressure. It would be fair to say though that this isn’t a commonly use herbal nutrition source so not a lot of people will actually be affected by this particular risk.

Ginseng, on the other hand, is quite popularly used for physical stamina and higher rate of mental concentration. The side effects range from higher blood pressure to induced bleeding even in menopausal women. All these health risks are quite scary, to be perfectly honest.

herbal nutritionBut there is no real reason to be afraid if one can only research on the herbal treatment that one is partaking of. The only real danger is in taking both herbal and traditional medicine at the same time without informing an expert about it. These oversights are often the cause of some preventable health risks.

So, what can you do to prevent from seeing the ugly side of herbal treatment? Tell your doctor about it. Don’t be ashamed about your preferences.

The worst thing that could happen is that the herbal medication you are taking now and the medication prescribed to you could counteract and even disagree with each other. The health benefits are great, but they can quickly turn to risks if not properly administered. So be smart and do your research before you make up your mind about taking it.

Herbal nutrition is an important part of a person’s well-being. It would be a shame if they were misused and were given a bad rep based on that. Know your herbal supplements and use them well.

Five Sure Tips to Get That Perfect Form with Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss ProgramsOne of the most common techniques to shed off the unwanted fat accumulated over the years from abundant meal and calorie intake are weight loss programs. These programs attempt to make you develop a habit on eating the right amount of food that contains the right amount of nutrients you need. It also teaches you to do some physical exercises to get your bearings going.

Some weight loss pills and weight loss products might also do the trick. But do not completely rely on these products as they can be quite addicting with prolonged usage. Only proper nutrition, exercise and rest can help you achieve your wanted form and sustain it for a much longer time.

Here are some tips that you need to consider when doing weight loss programs. Most of these tips are centered on the physical workout strategies that you need to do to boost your performance. Putting these five tips in your heart will make it much easier to memorize rather than just reading through them.

The first tip is that when you hit the gym, try to change your cycle or routine. Simply put, you should not lift the same weight at the same way all throughout the year. If you are trying to put on some muscle, keep the aerobic works to a minimum level so as to allow your body to concentrate in muscle build up.

If the intention of your weight loss programs is to get your body firm and lean, then do more cardio training. Recommended interval is about two to four times a week. Alternate your routines with other exercises such that if you have done treadmill today, use the cycling machine a day after.

The next tip is a derivative of the first one – separate the training days for cardio and lifting. For example, if you are doing cycling workout after you have performed leg exercises such as squats may not be a good idea. Save your cardio workout for another day and two days more for lifting exercises.

Weight Loss ProgramsThe third tip in your weight loss programs is not to make an impact to your body. That is, your body needs ample time to heal and repair after heavy lifting. So, best thing that you can do is to perform workouts that minimize the possibility of small tears to your muscle fibers such as breathing exercises and stretching movements.

The fourth tip is to ignore the so-called fat-burning zone. The debunked theory says that you need to do exercise with the range of 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. The truth is that do overall training at high intensities such that instead of taking 20 minutes, make it short to 10 minutes and do another routine work.

The last tip on weight loss programs is to choose something that you body can resist to. There is no use if your body is not pushed farther than your ordinary work out strategy. However, caution only to find the level of resistance that you feel you are still comfortable to do.

These tips in weight loss programs are designed to help you get that toned and firmed body. There are literally volumes of advice that you can hear and read somewhere. Be discerning enough to follow which of which so that you will not end up frustrated and disappointed in the process.

Finding the Best Weight Loss Program

weight loss programFor people who want to lose weight, a common resource is the Internet because there is a multitude of weight loss programs that are available most of them for free. Now that you are faced by all of these weight loss systems, what you need to do is find the best one for you. Now every weight loss program will suit your needs and your abilities and so you need to be critical of each weight loss system you take into consideration.

In finding the best weight loss program, you need to consider the caloric intake calculation. It is important that the weight loss system that you consider informs you about the daily amount of calories that you should take in. This is a way by which you will see if the program is for you or if it is not.

Some programs may involve too little a number of calories for your body type and so this means that the program will not work as well for you. There are times when the amount of calories may be too much for you to handle and this again eliminates the particular option. In this case, find a weight loss system with a caloric intake calculation that suits your needs.

The next thing to consider is if the weight loss systems that you consider come with a form of exercise. If you are someone who is used to physical activity, the weight loss programs that you should consider are those which combine a particular diet with some degree of physical activity. So, apart from the caloric intake calculation, look out for the exercise component.

Another element that you should be looking for when it comes to weight loss systems is the background that is provided about fat loss. Having this information does not make it more formal and it does not mean that the program is better than the rest. This bit of information is important because it is always necessary for you to know about the principles behind the program before you engage in it.

weight loss programIf you have such information when it comes to a weight loss program, it will be easier for you to lose the weight and keep it off. This way, you will also have a gauge when it comes to fat accumulation, fat burn, and caloric expenditure. Here, you will be able to modify the program applying equivalent components if necessary.

As what was mentioned earlier, the Internet is indeed a great source for various weight loss systems but the large number of available systems makes it difficult for people to find an adequate program to use. This is why you need to be critical of the weight loss programs that you consider. Here are some tips that will help you locate the best weight loss program.

When you search for a program online, you should only visit trustworthy and reputable websites. This will ensure that the information you will get is accurate. This will lessen the chances that you encounter scams when it comes to weight loss systems.

You should examine the program after examining the website. Do a bit more research about every weight loss program that you consider. In this case, having more information can be valuable.

Finally, try out a program or two and see how it feels. If you are not comfortable with a particular weight loss program then do not be afraid to discontinue it. A weight loss system is not easy to adopt but it should not be very difficult on your body to accomplish as well.

Find How You Can Use the Nutrition Facts to Your Advantage

Nutrition FactsNutrition facts as seen in most consumable products available at the local grocery store are the results of the government initiative to increase the awareness of the general public about every product that they consume on a regular basis. As more and more manufactured goods become abound, it becomes equally more and more important that the people know what they are eating. But far more significant is to understand what are these facts and what do they do for health.

Some of the nutrition facts usually visible on nutrition labels are those that are considered as major health concerns. Among these are fat and cholesterol. There are actually two kinds of fat – the good ones such as unsaturated fat in the form of olive oils and fish fats and the bad ones like the saturated fat found in meat fat and dairy products as well as the trans fat in the partly or fully hydrogenated oil.

The food nutrition chart will tell you that your body both needs fat and cholesterol but must be kept to minimum. Even experts recommend that a person should include these to their daily diet. This is the primary reason why most labels have them listed on the top most portion for easier visibility.

The nutrition facts label will also show some important figures other than the nutrients themselves. These data include the number of servings and the serving size. Pay attention to these figures to know how much you are consuming of the product, including the level of calorie intake.

Speaking of calorie in the nutrition facts label, do you know why people are pushing down their calorie intake as part of their weight loss programs? Calories provide a metric in order to measure of just how much energy you can get from certain product. A range of 40 calories is considered low while more than 100 calories is considered to be high – too much calories is a risk factor for obesity and gaining weight.

Other information such as vitamins and minerals content may also be found either in the middle part or the bottom part of the label. If the topmost portion must be kept to minimum, these two portions should be plenty enough to supply at least the daily needs of the person. Some of these vitamins may include vitamin A, B, C, K, Iron, calcium and potassium to name a few.

Nutrition labels, such as shown in the figure above shows what are the calories, sodium, carbohydrates and protein content of the product, other than the already mentioned fat and cholesterol. Indicated also are the daily percent values. However, nutrition labels are just one part of the equation if we are to talk about the benefits of the particular food product to the overall health.

The second part of the nutrition facts is the ingredients information. Now that you know what can be found on nutrition labels, it is time to look up what are the ingredients used in the manufacturing of good and if these are beneficial to the health. This is also the part where people can also find out if the spices or enhancers used is safe for the consumer in the long run.

To know just how much you are consuming, let us demonstrate a simple example. Say that you have bought a bar of chocolate that says it is good for two people. If you are to consume all of it, then you need to multiply all the values, that is the amount of calorie, fats, and others nutrients presented in the label two times.

Nutrition facts will help the consumer discern which product is good for consumption and which is bad even before they hit the grocery counter. Hence, it becomes very important to take time to read the labels when shopping for food and other consumable product. Your families health is at stake every time they eat too much of the so-called junk foods and less of the healthier ones.

Things to Look for When Reading Nutrition Facts Labels

Nutrition Facts LabelsNutrition facts labels are graphical listing of nutrient information about the product if consumed. It contains details such as serving size which is usually in some form of common metric like cups or teaspoons. It also has figures on the serving count which tells how many average individuals may consume the content of the food product.

A good nutritional analysis program is concerned on monitoring the amount of calorie and other nutrient intake per food consumption. This is where nutrition facts labels become of utmost importance. Too low of the essential nutrients and too high of the purported bad fats and cholesterol is detrimental to the general well-being.

First off, the most important nutrients that should be found on nutrition facts labels are protein, vitamins and minerals, and lastly, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are made up of organic compounds known as amino acids which are crucial for cell growth and tissue repair. Most of the protein-rich foods are found in animal meat although some plants as key ingredients in manufactured food product may also contain some traceable amount.

Vitamins and minerals as found in food nutrition chart must be adequate in amount intake. However, vitamins should be taken in carefully and with caution as too much of these good things can be harmful to the body. Minerals like calcium and iron helps the internal body organs to perform their function in the most optimistic way.

There are two kinds of vitamins available. Fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E and K are broken down by the small intestines by the bile in the gall bladder. Water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C and B-Complex are absorbed into the bloodstream such that daily replenishment of these vitamins is necessary.

Fats and carbohydrates are main sources of energy. Some good fats that the body needs include those that come from the fish and olive oils. In one hand, carbohydrate-rich foods are starch from whole grains and root crops, and sugars from various fruits or sweeteners in the manufactured food product.

The dietary fiber in nutrition facts labels is actually not a nutrient but is equally significant due to its properties that aid the digestive system. Food products with ample amount of diet helps prevent constipation and prevent regular bowel movement. However, abundant fiber intake may cut down on the absorption of important minerals during digestion.

Calories are the amount of energy that a person may get upon particular product consumption. The energy levels needed per individual may vary with respect to age, gender, height and weight. Sometimes, the physical activities may also be taken into account so as to support the body’s requirement during intense physical workout.

For an average adult, the recommended values for daily consumptions of unsaturated fat should be about 30% or less while saturated fat should be 10% at maximum. For cholesterol, 300 mg will suffice and for carbohydrates, more than 55% of the calories should do the trick. Protein intake is a factor of weight such that about 0.8 to 1.6 grams must be consumed for every kilogram weight or a 68-kg person should have a ceiling of 109 grams of protein each day.

Nutrition facts labels are important and not just there to fill up a space in the brand product packaging. Read through them to know if the product that you are about to purchase contains essential nutrients. This way, you know that you are taking good care of your health.

Reasons Why Fast Weight Loss Diet Does Not Work for You

There are many so-called fast weight loss diet that you have tried one and another and then shifted to another since you seem cannot find satisfactory results from them. You have tried dieting, weight training, went to slimming spas and even considered surgery but lo and behold, you are still your old same self. So what is wrong with the picture – is it the easy weight loss plans or is it just you?

Fast Weight Loss DietIn reality, there are best weight loss diet that are available and it is up to you to go and choose either that costs up higher than the ceiling or the cheap ways such as tips and suggestions that proliferate anywhere. Nonetheless, there are reasons why easy weight loss does not happen, no matter how rigid you have been following the program. And sometimes, these reasons, coupled by other factors beyond your control makes the whole effort a complete waste of energy, time and sometimes money.

Some of the reasons why fast weight loss diet does not work are the attitude of the person and the way the whole program is being viewed. First and foremost, easy weight loss does not happen overnight. It does not even begin after one week as it takes a while to produce acceptable level of changes.

Even the best weight loss diet cannot make you lose enough pounds to trim an inch or two off your waist in just one whole week. What we are driving at is that these programs do not produce instant and gratifying results. The body can be a slow machine to respond so it is critical to be patient.

There is another reason why diets fail to some person. Sometimes, the person feels that their weight seems to have reached its plateau level. In other words, a person may do lose weight but at some point, it just stopped and the person cannot reduce it anymore.

Another reason why fast weight loss diet sometimes stops working is that the person tends to break the diet by sheer indulgence and could not seem to recover from it. The result? The person gains weight again and would have to repeat from step one all over again.

These reasons are outlined for you so as to let you know what might be the trapdoors that you can incidentally go into. Any of these can lead you to believe that dieting in general does not work. However, you should know that there are weight loss methods that do succeed.

So how can you do fast weight loss diet and attain good results? It is quite simple. All you need to have is a lifestyle change.

If you view dieting as some sort of sacrifice and if you are doing it just because of vanity, then sooner or later, you will abandon the whole thing. This is because your reason for doing diet is shallow enough to last that short. You need to be motivated by other reasons such as health care and self-improvement.

Lastly, it is possible to do fast weight loss diet and reduce your size by finding peers like you who want to make a difference to their life just like you. These people can help and cheer you up when you feel that things are not falling into their proper place. With them, you will not find dieting as hard work but comes more naturally so you will lose a few pounds more quickly too.

Different Types of Exercise Programs

exercisesAre you looking for that one great exercise program, which will bring you results fast? With countless exercise programs in the market today, people are left to blindly try each and every one, one after the other, in the hopes of getting the outcome they desire in the shortest possible time. Lucky for you, this article will provide you with best-known exercise programs and their corresponding effects on the body to ultimately get you started in swiftly achieving your goal!

If you yearn to become more flexible, then surely a stretching exercise program is for you! Stretching returns your joints and muscles to their original optimal range of motion, which often decreases with age or with the lack of use. In performing stretching exercises, it is ideal to concentrate on main muscle and joint areas beginning from head to foot.

Remember to never stretch to a point when pain is felt because this translates to going beyond the limit. You should follow an effortless transition to the stretching position without jolting or straining. Remain in the position for 15 to 30 seconds in order to feel the complete stretch and do 3 to 5 repetitions per area. Make this a habit everyday for a week and evident increase in flexibility is sure to show.

If you desire significant muscle gain, then you should definitely try a strength-conditioning or weight training exercises. This is done by using resistance either in the form of free weights or weight machines to build muscle strength and tone. People often get discouraged because they think they need to the gym to be able to do this kind of exercise but really, a set of free weights is all you need to get you going at home.

exercises-First determine your starting free weight load by taking on the heaviest weight load you can bear doing 8 continuous repetitions of 1 movement. Whether you start with a 1- or 2- or 5-pound free weight, you can always work your way up to increasing your load. Focus on a specific muscle group and complete 3 sets of 8 repetitions per area. Continue this 5 times a week and in about 2 weeks, you will definitely notice an increase in bulk.

If your priority is to lose weight, then endurance-strengthening or aerobic fitness training exercise programs are ideal for you to do! It increases the body’s oxygen supply and improves muscle endurance. It also burns calories thereby helping the body lose weight.

You have a wide array of modes to choose from such as cardio dance routines, jogging, running, brisk walking, biking, swimming, and even sports activities like football and basketball. Aerobic exercises must be done at least 3 to 5 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per session. In a month, there is no doubt that you will lose some weight.

exerciseThe best exercise to lose weight combines weight training exercises and aerobic fitness training. Weight training exercises increase muscle size thereby increasing metabolic rate allowing the body to burn more fats even after the exercise is done. Aerobic fitness training on the other hand causes the body to do more work, which translates to instant calorie burning during specific workout sessions.

Aerobic fitness training facilitates immediate calorie expenditure while weight training exercises produces sustained calorie burning. If you’re looking for the best exercise to lose weight, find a planned and systematic exercise program that incorporates the two. Do each type of exercise 3 times a week on alternate days for a month and you are sure to see significant toning and fat loss results.

Whichever your desired result maybe, there is a suitable exercise program for you. However, it is best to remember that the best exercise program is one that combines all three. Balance is the key so find an exercise regimen that will help you be flexible, strong, and healthy!